Jam Therapy rocks the house at
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by Randal Yakey/ News Herald Writer

"With a hard driving bass and a searing guitar, the guys in Jam Therapy
are following the paths set down by the hard rock bands of the past...
These guys are devout aficionados of rock history placing their roots
deep in the rock tradition."

'Jam Therapy' thrives on unique

by Tabitha Mixon/ Tropolitan 

"Jam Therapy sounds exactly as it implies. They rock out with funky
blues, energetic swing and constant momentum... The group's purpose
is to leave a legacy and to bring a revival to their genre."

Jam Therapy
By Nikki Hendrix/ The Beachcomber

"It’s easy to call Jam Therapy a throwback because of the front-and-center
classic rock influences, but they have “it”—that rare thing that makes music
fun, listenable, and very special. With this strong first release, this very young
band from Panama City Beach could be on a fast track for something exciting.
These are boys to keep any eye on."