Hailing from the emerald shores of Panama City, Florida, Jam Therapy has been changing the modern perception of rock music since mid-2009. The fearsome foursome includes a line up of young, fresh, and incredibly talented musicians: Garrett J. Brown (guitar & lead vocals), Alejandro Jesus Rios (lead guitar & vocals), Chase Morgan (bass & vocals), and Matt May (drums & vocals). Collectively, these individuals revive the classic styles and sounds of yesteryear while incorporating their own modern twist. With influences like Black Sabbath, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin, Jam Therapy presents a contemporary take on the heavy riffs and grooving rhythms of true rock’n’roll.         
        Over the past few years, this four-piece suit has gained a steady following while captivating audiences around the southeast. With a highly energetic and equally entertaining live performance, it isn’t hard to see how the group has gained such a faithful fan base. Such enthralling performances have landed the group multiple wins at various competitions, as well as, recurring appearances in some of Northwest Florida’s premiere festivals and concert series.
       While this fierce group delivers an unparalleled live performance, Jam Therapy’s unique sound and high energy are not lost on disc. Their debut self-titled album has gained rave reviews from around the world and has since been pushed into reproduction. The professionally mixed and mastered album was recorded in Nashville’s all analog studio “Welcome to 1979” and boasts eight diverse songs sharing a common thread of catchy melodies and entrancing beats. Regardless of the medium, Jam Therapy will unequivocally and unapologetically provide an amazing musical experience for anyone caught in their wake.


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